Tim Kendall, President

Tim KendallProfessor of English at the University of Exeter; editor, Poetry of the First World War (OUP); presenter, Ivor Gurney: The Poet Who Loved the War (BBC TV, 2014); author, Modern English War Poetry (OUP, 2006).

David Worthington, Chairman

Solicitor in Bristol. Interests include war poetry, literature, history and the theatre. Involved in establishing the War Poets Association; formerly Vice Chair of the Wilfred Owen Association. Monograph on T. E. Hulme ‘One of the War Poets’, Cecil Woolf’s The War Poets series. Twitter: @Worthies. E-mail: david@sancreed.demon.co.uk

Andy Thompson, Organiser, WPA Tours, & Acting Secretary

Andy Profile

Andy was a history teacher for 40 years although 19 years headship in a Surrey comprehensive school prevented him from spending as much time in the classroom as he would have wished.

In 1981 he travelled to the battlefields of WW1 following the story of his great uncle who was killed in Ypres on 1st November 1914. In the chaos of the fighting in the early weeks of the war his body was lost and he is remembered on the Menin Gate. It was the enormity of the names on the panels at the Memorial to the Missing of the Salient that convinced Andy that all the children in his care should visit the battlefields and thus began a lifetime interest. In the past thirty plus years Andy has managed and guided over 300 tours to the battlefields of WW1 & WW2 where he enjoys sharing his passion about the subject with his fellow travellers.

His increasing commitment to the battlefields (Andy works with several major WW1 charities and is involved with many key centenary projects) caused him to form his own specialist tour company which offer bespoke tours to individuals, families and groups who have an interest in the great European conflicts of the 20th century.

Andy is a member of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides and has been a member of the WPA for ten years. He acts as clerk to the WPA committee and co-ordinates the biennial tours.

Fran Brearton, Committee Member

Brearton, Fran 3

Professor of Modern Poetry at Queen’s University Belfast and Director of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. She is author of The Great War in Irish Poetry, and recently edited Robert Graves’s Good-bye to All That for Penguin Classics.

Merryn Williams, Editor, War Poetry Reviewmerryn-williams-photo

Merryn Williams is the editor of the upcoming War Poetry Review, she has published four collections of poetry and a brief life of Wilfred Owen (Seren Books). She has also edited two anthologies, In the Spirit of Wilfred Owen (Wilfred Owen Association) and The Georgians 1901-1930 (Shoestring Press), which includes several of the First World War poets.

Mike Scott – Webmaster

Mike was a teacher for 30 years, taking his own pupils to the battlefields since 1985. Having retired Mike became a tour guide and tour manager almost full time, with some of his remaining time devoted to writing and lecturing. Mike has university qualifications in Politics and History, Computing and Management. He runs Eyewitness Tours who provide bespoke and tailor made tours for large and small groups..

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