War Poetry Review 2020

The new copy of the War Poetry Review is now available to members only. With all other editions it is on the War Poetry Review link above which will take you to the password access page. To get the password please contact David Worthington, who will happily provide the pass2word to all paid up members.


A Message from the Chairman – October 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the WPA,

This email is being sent to all who have sometime in the past kindly shown interest in the WPA and supported us by taking out membership, joined our trips or otherwise helped us and been keen in what we are doing.

We very much appreciate your interest and support

Unfortunately our records of your addresses and contact details are not up to date.  Emails are returned and not delivered.  Members have moved and not advised us.

A number of the last issue of the War Poetry Review posted to members were returned to us as unknown or undeliverable.   We know too that very sadly some of our members and friends have died.

Please therefore when you receive this email will you acknowledge it and confirm your postal address and, other than WPA life members, make sure too please that your WPA subscription for 2020 is paid? 

Details of current WPA membership rates and how to pay are on our website: warpoets.org   

If we do not hear from you we will remove your name from our contact lists.

The latest issue of the War Poetry Review, possibly our best so far, is being printed and will be sent in October by post to all paid up members for whom we have a confirmed postal address.  As WPA members you can also read the Review on line at our website rather than receive a copy through the post.  We know some of you prefer this. Please let us know when you reply.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Do please keep in touch with us and let us have your ideas and comments. WPA Facebook and Twitter @WarPoetsAssn, currently tweeting Ivor Gurney, are also ways of contributing to the debate.

 It now seems almost certain that we are in for another round of the covid-19 virus and we do hope you and your families will keep well and safe from the virus.  


Very best wishes,

David Worthington for the WPA Committee.

Please note my change of email address to david@dwsancreed.co.uk


A Message from the Chairman – August 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the War Poets Association (WPA),

I hope that you and your families are well, keeping safe and coming out of Covid lockdown positively.

The WPA Committee met in London in early March and agreed to look at a number of initiatives including a WPA event and our next tour. These ideas have been overtaken for the moment by lockdown and isolation but as the rules relax and allow we hope that we will be able to meet and also tour again. We will provide more details about these plans in the Autumn after the next Committee meeting.

Details of the Committee are on the website. Since last writing Patrick Villa has left the Committee and I want on behalf of all of us to thank Patrick very much for all his work and support for the WPA over the years. Patrick was with us right from the beginning and took on many of the roles including treasurer, membership secretary and the website. His huge contribution has been very much appreciated.

We welcome Jonathan Bradley who is now the treasurer and Mike Scott who runs the website and will organise our tours.

I am very pleased that the next issue of our War Poetry Review, with some poems from contemporary poets and articles about Robert Graves, Vernon Scannell and others, is now ready and will shortly be printed.

We think it is very good and many thanks to our editor Merryn Williams and also to Paul O’Prey for organising the printing.

The last issue of the Review was returned to us from some of the postal addresses on our records and a number of members have not been in touch for some time, nor advised of new contact details and changes of their postal or email addresses.

If you would like to receive a copy of the forthcoming Review please ensure that we have your current contact details and that you have also paid your subscription for 2020. 

We are now updating our records and we need you please to confirm to us your current email and postal addresses. Please let us know also if you would like to receive a copy of the Review or are happy to read it online.

Full details of how to make a payment to WPA are on our website www.warpoets.org.

PayPal, via the website,or by bank transfer to the WPA ‘s account with Lloyds Bank, account number 62819560,sort code 30-93-74 are the easiest methods of payment.

The membership rates remain the same: annual membership £15.00 with concessions for students and seniors of £10; Life membership £150, concessions £100.

WPA has a growing community also on Facebook and is active on Twitter. Please take part and

please support the WPA. New members and friends are always very welcome

Best wishes,

David Worthington.

Chair, War Poets Association


August 2020


  1. War Poets Association Subs are due on 11 November 2020. Please renew your membership now if you have not already done so.
  2. Please confirm your address and contact details as the Association is updating all records.

For those in the UK, an online or electronic banking transfer to the WPA ‘s account with Lloyds Bank, account number 62819560, sort code 30-93-74 is probably the easiest method of payment. PayPal, via the website, here, is also possible and may be easier for some, especially those who live outside the UK. If you do make a ‘traditional’ bank transfer to Lloyds Bank from another country, please indicate that you will pay the bank charges. Alternatively, you can send a cheque in favour of the War Poets Association to me c/o Veale Wasbrough Vizards, Narrow Quay House, Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA, UK.

The membership rates remain the same, as they have for a number of years: annual membership is £15.00 with concessions for students and seniors of £10; Life membership £150, concessions £100. You will find all the details here on this website.

Odyssey TV – The Pity of War : Poets at the Front – Sassoon & Owen

We have received news of a new DVD on War Poets available from 28 September 2020. Follow the links below for more information.

Pity of War Poets at the Front documentary DVD Press Release

About Us…

The War Poets Association promotes interest in the work, life and historical context of poets whose subject is the experience of war. It is interested in war poets of all periods and nationalities, with a primary focus on conflicts since 1914 – mainly the First World War, Spanish War 1936-39, Second World War and Ireland. There are already many societies dedicated to individual war poets; one of the WPA’s aims is to work with these and others to help promote joint activities and events of mutual interest.


Highlights: Some forthcoming and recent events and news:


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Some centenary media links:

First World War 100: Poetry’s Passing Bells. Poet Daljit Nagra’s archive tribute on BBC iPlayer includes some letters to his mother and poems by Wilfred Owen, and Dennis Silk talking about Siegfried Sassoon.

War Poetry Review 2017-2018

To commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, the WPA is providing free open access to the current issue and some back numbers of its journal, War Poetry Review, until the end of 2018. To access the journal, click on the link here or select ‘War Poetry Review’ from the top menu of this website. The password needed is 100centen4ry .

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